Indoor Water-Saving Products

  • Showerstart TSV

    Showerstart® TSV

    With ShowerStart TSV technology you'll say good bye to all the little things that bother you about your family's shower routines and hot water usage. Installation is about as easy as changing a lightbulb, doesn't lower shower head pressure or flow and...

    $29.00 full price
    $24.00 after instant rebate
  • Multifunction Showerhead, Chrome (1.5 gpm)


    Single-Function Showerhead, Chrome, 1.5 GPM

    Upgrade your life with a shower that’s hot when you get in! Whenever you are waiting for your shower water to warm up, this chrome-plated showerhead automatically pauses the flow when the water’s hot. Once you are showering, you can pull the...

    $24.00 full price
    $19.00 after instant rebate
  • On Sale
    Chrome Earth 3-Spray Showerhead, 1.5 GPM

    Niagara Conservation®

    Earth® 3-Spray Showerhead, 1.5 GPM

    This Earth® handheld showerhead is designed as an affordable, easy to use device that offers comfort, as well as savings on your monthly energy bill. This showerhead provides strong, consistent water pressure from three adjustable output settings...

    $8.00 full price
    $3.90 after instant rebate
  • On Sale
    Chrome Sava Spa Showerhead

    Niagara Conservation®

    Sava Spa™ Showerhead, 1.5 GPM, Chrome

    Niagara Conservation’s Sava Spa™ Showerhead offers the look of luxury and performance with the benefits of saving. The Sava showerhead features an oversized 4.4 inch diameter sprayhead for wide coverage, and a solid, durable brass...

    $11.00 full price
    $3.90 after instant rebate
  • On Sale
    Side of Dual Threaded Bubble Faucet Aerator

    Niagara Conservation®

    Dual-Threaded Bubble Faucet Aerator, 1.0 GPM

    Did you know that, beyond saving water, our faucet aerators save you money on heating the water? For your utility bills, the reduced flow rate really does double duty. Plus, the durable plastic screen is easier to clean than traditional metal...

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